Graduate Students

Scripps students apply to a single graduate program and do not apply directly to labs. During the first year of a PhD program, Scripps students can rotate through ~3 labs prior to deciding on a thesis lab. Our lab is usually open for rotation students every quarter and will generally have room for 1-2 new graduate students per year.

Students joining the Wiseman lab come from diverse scientific backgrounds including structural biology, chemistry, cell biology, and computational biology. We are specifically looking for motivated, hard working students that bring new perspectives to the group and facilitate our ever expanding scientific interests.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Inquiries about Postdoctoral positions should be emailed directly to Luke Wiseman. Our lab welcomes applicants of any race, religion, national origin, gender identity, caregiver and family commitments, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and eligible age or ability. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining a supportive and collaborative lab environment. We encourage exploratory inquiries!

Our lab doesn’t post for specific positions, so please reach out! We are interested in engaging you in a conversation about your scientific background and goals for your future career (in academia, industry, or other ventures). We strive to provide excellent training across a wide range of chemical and biological techniques.

Candidates will be encouraged to explore applying for extramural fellowships to support their research.


Our lab welcomes both undergraduate and high school interns. Individuals interested in internships should apply to the Scripps Research Summer Undergraduate Research Program or the Scripps Research High School Internship Program. All other inquiries about positions in the lab should be directed to Luke Wiseman.